• Barack Obama has appeared in the scene from nothing and reach the top. It was unknown and his growing to a nominee for president of the United States has been seen as the winning of a movement more than a campaign, from this side of the Ocean. With his new style to campaigning and to financing through small (and big) contributions through the internet. He has appeared as a fresh leader, new, idealistic, positive. And when was needed, practical.
  • Europe is pessimistic and has lost his ideals, maybe is that why a leader like Obama is so noticeable.
  • Obama is 100% civilian and here in Europe that is a plus for a politician. We don’t have a good experiences with politicians with military background.
  • Obama is black, and if he is elected many europeans would change their minds about the americans.
  • Obama is young and this is a plus. You don’t need to be old to know what you want to do, yo have to know how to choose your advisors and in this matter I think he is doing a very good job
  • McCain has several minus: He is old. He has a lot of experience, but from a world that has changed a lot. He makes me think about the latest leaders of the Soviet Union, when they didn’t have a replacement and were passing the power from one old man to another even older. (This been said, of course, without any intention to make any political association between McCain and the Soviets, knowing that the American nominee is a lover of freedom and a war hero who suffered a lot from communist regimes, but you got the idea by the possible pass of power from Bush to McCain).
  • McCain is perceived here as a typical American politician, rich, without social worries, prepared to benefit big companies and apply the rules of the wild capitalism that affect us in this side of the Ocean a lot.
  • And as a man with military background we are worried about the course of the war in Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, the Middle East, and after listening his run mate, Russia and friends who are much more near us than you. (That said knowing that when there is a problem Europe always limits herself to talking and talking and wait that you, the Americans came with your army to solve the problems).

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