This presidential campaign is so long and is contemporary with so many troubles that need attention that I can’t wait for November forth or january or whenever will be somebody in Washington doing things with a sense of stability, some planning and some confidence to project to so many people right now in panic.

Obama and McCain are debating what to do, and I heard some good ideas about international issues, mainly from Obama, about what’s going on in Iran, Pakistan (what a mess, with  car bomb attack in at the main police complex in the capital of the country today and similar attacks almost every day at the border with Afghanistan) and Putin’s movements to restore the influence of Russia in western Europe and the caucasian Countries. But Obama only can explain his ideas, he can’t do nothing yet. McCain can repeat generalities as in the last debate, but again, he can do nothing.

Putin knows that America is in a vulnerable position. With an outgoing president almost absent, and two candidates with ideas but without real power. He has promised in recent months and weeks help to the iranians to make a second nuclear plant, has had talks with the president of Afghanistan about energy, has made warnings against several eastern europe and baltic countries who stood in defense of Georgia, has meet with leaders of key countries to the distribution of gas and oil to western Europe and so on. He is moving his pieces knowing there will be no response or, if it comes, will be to little, to late.

Meanwhile, he is making at the same time a lot of personal PR as a superhero russian style: with pictures in a expedition to locate siberian tigers and placing a control device in one of them previously sedated by himself with a gun, or more recently releasing a dvd giving auto defense lessons in a judo robe.

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  1. Barackmagic goes to Eurotragic

    Well, the hour arrived. Mr Obama is in London. and everybody is excited. A new face, some new ideas and some kind of attitude of determination. Now is when the new stone from the white house will crash with the different older european stones to see how much sparkles and flames fly.

    Europe, above all western Europe, very used to be whealthy is also very pessimistic in this economic crisis. Barack Obama is trying to transmit optimism. One thing the Americans have achieved with Obama in the Withe House. The number of American flags and images of their president burning around the world during protests around the world have diminished. USA is gaining some respect and not only fear and hatred.

    A month ago I have meet Mr. Brooks, Vice dean of the school of journalism of the University of Mississippi, the first school that 101 years ago decided to brought journalism to the category of a study that belongs to the University. He came to my city to received the Brajnovic’s Award in recognition of an institution devoted to inject more ethics in this profession. (The name of tje award is for my father).

    When Mr Brooks began his speech he told us about how hard was this last years to travel around some “allies” countries, and let find the audience that he was American, Not very pleasant. He said he hoped now things can change. I also hope so. At least we gave him and award.

    Obama has came to this side of the Ocean with proposals that doesn’t like in the power offices in in France, Germany and London. Europe doesn’t have unity and still broken at least in ten.(The British, The French, The German, The rest of the western, the moderate emergent eastern, the poor Eastern and the awaiting becouse political an no economical reasons (Croatia, for example).

    But Obama has another challenge ahead: demonstrate that he can deal with leaders like Sarkozy, Merkel, and also the presidents of Russia (with his out of control weapons)and China (with his out of control american debt) who will be in the summit.

    The game is on. let’s the play begin

    Olga Brajnovic

    PS This had to be a post, but something made impossible to me to enter to my account today.

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