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The silent agony, again
By Olga Brajnović Posted in World and Politics on October 25, 2008 0 Comments
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I remember when the Clinton mandate was about to close there were agonizing talks to find a path to peace between israelis and palestinians. There were serious talks with maps and details on the table like what to do about the Palestinian rights on the surface of the Mosques esplanade an the Israeli rights on the Western Wall just below that esplanade in Jerusalem. Everything went wrong. Not enough time or not enough willing on some of the parts. Clinton had to leave the White House and all had to begin all over again. Probably the most close approach to a solution so far.

The Bush Administration promised a two states solution before the end of his term, but here we are almost at the end time so far away of the goal that nobody talks about it, it’s not worth a first page news.

Israel is now without a government, and they weren’t doing what the Bush Administration was announcing every time it was some declaration, above all about the settlements in the West Bank and the Wall. The palestinians are divided in two, the Wall is growing, Gaza is in Hamas hands and so on.

Eight years had past and we are way farher than before.

Yesterday the news are the deploying of 550 palestinian policemen in Hebron, the divided city. There are policemen trained in Jordan by Americans to put some strength in the weak Palestinian government as long as is under control of Mahmud Abbas and his people.

Now we will see if this move works to have the next Jewish holidays in peace in Hebron with his 500 or so population of Settlers going to the shrines placed in the middle of a city populated by thousands of Palestinians.

And then, next stop: Christmas in Bethlehem by the separating  Wall with a new president elected in Washington and, God willing, a brand new government in Israel.

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