November 14, 2008

Putin forever

Sorry,I just have been too sick this week to follow properly the news. I was thinking in leaving only an excuse and resume my entries next week when I read about the last plans of Vladimir Putin in accordance with president Medvedev: Change the Constitution, make the presidential term 6 years long and if possible, call for early elections and name himself candidate to the presidency.This can give him 12 years in power and survive at least three US presidencies, and who knows how many European governments. Then Mr.Putin can find another friend to be president one term or less, be Prime Minister several months again and go for other two terms,and so on, if the Russians continue to vote massively for him.

You know? this tactic of change the Constitution to perpetuate oneself in power is getting boring.
It reminds me to Hugo Chavez an others leaders of the so called Bolivarian revolution. I don’t see the use of a Constitution that is changed every time there is an election to serve best the guy who won and make things harder to others win next time. It may be necessary one time for a while but to serve the people best. Constitutions are instruments of stability aren’t they?

Vladimir Putin knew how to play Bush’s game. From “no cold war” time to this “we don’t know exactly how cold” situation. Maybe his rush to come back to the presidency has to do with the changes coming to the US Administration, now that he has already in place missiles pointing Poland because of the US antimissile system installed in its soil and is also pointing no so friendly to the Baltic Countries, at the moment out of this missile business, but nonetheless in the point of view of Moscow as ex-soviet strategic territories

Europe is uncomfortable with this whole situation. The French President, Sarkozy, was firm about that talking with his Russian counterpart Medvedev. But he need to know what will be the move of Putin, the real power in Moscow and the US. But the real move from Washington will came in January 20th. Until then is all provisional. Then we will see what young Obama and his team reads on the eyes of old Vladimir and viceversa. That would be interesting to follow.

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