January 28, 2009

What matters

I have to apologize again  for my long silence. My lack of health again.

I was following very closely all the events in the world as is my duty to explain it to my readers and then when the news explodes then I can’t write. The agony of the Bush’ Administration, the violence in the Middle East, above all that in Gaza, the crisis of the russian gas, and the Obama’s big day and his first moves. Most of them I like very much, some not so much (remember from my previous post that I’m pro life). If he could stop at least one war that would be really something. And the moves about Guantanamo and other prisons like that was quick and shows the way.

When I was, (and I still am), struggling with my health and trying to keep myself informed of all that was happening, I though about what really matters: the life of singular human beings, their sufferings, their joys, their loves. 

The powerful can serve the people or can fail or, as happens in many places and occasions play with their people or abuse their power to their own interests.

Around them the experts, pundits, and annalists can fill the world with words, but at the end the life is one for each of us, and the time is going by for each of this other people in far away countries whose lives depend of ongoing and never ending Summits between powerful people well dress and feed who travel the world and let themselves to be pictured all together all smiles after deciding let the question of starvation, human rights and so on, to the next encounter in another part of the world. And meanwhile real people die.

I write because is what I know how to do and because I think that this can help people understand the world and maybe think about people no so privileged like them. Maybe that can prompt somebody to act and help.   

I don’t know when I would be able to update this blog again. I hope it would be soon. Take care you all, and take care of all that people you love.

Olga Brajnovic

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