Benedict XVI is from yesterday in Jordan and will go to Israel and the Palestinian territories, “as a pilgrim”, he said, to visit the places where Jesus lived and talked, and the places where have been scenery of “some of the key events of Biblical story”, now placed in Jordan, like the mont Nebo from were Moses saw the Holy Land and is buried, or Bethany by the Jordan, where Jesus was baptized, by St. John.

The Pope Has a very busy agenda and is going to encourage the jordanian christians , but also talk with the muslim community. And not with anyone, as in a compromise, but with the leaders and teachers in front of a Mosque in Amman today.

All this in the middle of serious polemics between the Vatican and the Muslims because of interested misleadings of declarations and gestures.

And the same is awaiting in Israel.

But the Pope seams to doesn’t care about polemics. He goes where he things he has to go and do what he thinks he has to do. In Jordan he talked about peace between Israel and the palestinians, and priced the King Abdullah and his late father for his efforts for the peace and set as an example the building of a new christian church in Bethany by the Jordan. Dialog, peace, respect between religions, all this in the most dangerous point of the planet in matter of religious extremists: the Holy Land, the land that all want for them, don’t want to share and are willing to kill (sometimes also die) for it.

The Pope will talk about peace between israelis and palestinians and about this sharing of the Holly places. The access to this places for the christians and others, Initiatives to promote peace in the Middle East. He hope that this travel make better relations between Christian and Muslims and help everybody grow in love for Love and fraternal love for one another. Nothing easy in the agenda

I like the courage of the Pope.

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