I have been surprised by the silence of the big media during the Pope’s travel to the Holy Land. The information was there, but buried by mountains of other things. But the things the Pope was saying where first page. The travel was historic. He talk against the Holocaust, he said in a refugee camp to the young palestinian that they can see their future in revenge and violence or terrorism as a response to what they have done with their families. He said to the israelis that the palestinians need a state with borders. He talked of peace and dialog and patience, and good will, he saw the Eastern Wall and the West Bank wall, he talk about forgiveness, he went to Jerusalem and to Bethlehem. He told to Jews, Muslims and Christians, Scholars, leaders and common people. It wast a historic event. Maybe what the pope was saying were not convenient?. Maybe the situation on the ground was no ready to be seen? Maybe there are people not interested in  seeing this german Pope talking without fears in Israel?. And then silence all this, like never happened? Who knows. The Pope made his duty, say what he thought it has to be seeing and I thing it was absolutely right in every word.

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  1. Maybe the Pope is not a good puppet. These days puppets are more valuable than real people. Anyway who cares what the Pope or the Imam or the respected ones say. It has become a ugly world. This ugly world will not last long.
    One piece of ugliness is I think in the true colours of Israel: http://noman47.wordpress.com/2009/05/13/the-true-color-of-israel/

  2. The Pope is not a puppet. The leader of a billion of people around the world is not a puppet and deserves respect. I think he told with courage what many people in the two sides of the West Bank wall (more on the jewish part I think) doesn’t like to hear. Did you read or hear the speaches? He wants a State for Palestine, peace, he visited a refugee camp in the West Bank and he told clearly about Gaza. He understands suffering. And he has no fear.

  3. No disrespect towards the Pope and it is brave of him to speak true. But Bush never asked the Pope nor thought of if it was right or wrong before attacking Iraq. Nevertheless I hail the Pope for his righteous speech. But I expect little from Israel.

  4. It is not newsworthy because there is nothing thus far that can mock the pope or the catholic church. It seems nowadays that the media only wants to talk about the church when they can ridicule it. It’s very sad. I wish someone would come up with an channel for news that was only positive. I know that wouldn’t be good either, or at least a good balance. The pope is more likely to bring peace to the middle east than President Obama, in my opinion.

  5. That’s the problem, Kazi. Bush didn’t listened, he acted thinking he knew by himself what was “the good” and “the evil”. I was afraid of that from day one coming from a politician, even before the war. Only God knows Good from Evil. I hope Obama would ask before declare something absoltly Good or Evil. I’m with you. I praise the Pope, I expect little from Israel and what is now on the table of negotiations.

  6. I think they want to make people forget what the Pope said and did, so when was convenient thew can see: he never said so… he never did so… It worked before. But the speeches are there, the images and all is History. May God hear pope’s prayers and bring peace, and some little kind of willing to understanding between the people who live in the Holy Land.

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