I’m against the Death Penalty so the news about the canceling of project that would cost 365 million dollars to make bigger and “better” the Death Row in San Quentin, California is canceled is to me good news. Governor Brown thinks there are other priorities, like education, to spend that kind of money. good for […]

I live with a globe of the world always close to me. An I do so, to never forget how small is the space of land where there are powerful countries and people who live well and how enormous is the space of this planet where all is war after war, misery, sicknesses, hopeless and […]

Well, I don’t know if anyone cares, but I decided to came back with my blog. There is so many people telling real life, extremely hard stories about how are going things in places like Japan, Libya, Syria, Yemen, Ivory Coast, and so on that I can see how my analysis or opinions about what […]