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Today's wars: Surprise or Heritage?
By Olga Brajnović Posted in World and Politics on April 27, 2011 0 Comments
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I live with a globe of the world always close to me. An I do so, to never forget how small is the space of land where there are powerful countries and people who live well and how enormous is the space of this planet where all is war after war, misery, sicknesses, hopeless and poor people without any help, mostly because of what the powerful decided in the past about them, far away of the bloody mess, drawing lines on the map without thinking too much about the diversity of the people who lived into this spaces, their lives, their cultures, and their problems.

So now there is a surprise when it appears a fights between tribe against tribe in the same country, or difficulties to establish a democracies without solve first older problems who were to this days of global communication covert under dictators, or totalitarian systems, because there were secure and comfortable for the western powers.

This is a generalization, I know. Each Country is different, but is pretty much what is happening from the 80’s and in this first years of the 21st Century. The heritage from the two past Centuries, prior to the explosion of the global communication, the internet, the cell phones and all that came after that.

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