I’m against the Death Penalty so the news about the canceling of project that would cost 365 million dollars to make bigger and “better” the Death Row in San Quentin, California is canceled is to me good news. Governor Brown thinks there are other priorities, like education, to spend that kind of money. good for him. It would be better to close the whole facility in San Quentin and reconvert it in a high security jail where criminals pay their punishments for as many time they deserve. But take away a life of a person is a very serious thing to do. It’s easy to understand thinking about all the cases known about mistakes. Human beings innocent of the crimes charged to them, executed or being for decades in the death row until some DNA or some misplaced evidence appear and then the innocence is proved. But there is more. All this years, the real culprit was at large, free to strike again if he or she wanted, and by the pass of time, the possibilities of find him or her vanish. Only one innocent life lost by the capital punishment is worth to rethink the whole system, and there have been more of one. And who counted so many years of lives lost in death rows?

Many people say the death of a criminal gives a sense of closure to the family of the victims of a crime. But if there is a mistake with the executed, is it a closure? or is it rather an opening for more bitterness?. All my sympathy for the victims of crimes and their families. I also have victims in my family, but I don’t want more deaths, I want justice.

I’m not defending criminals, I’m telling that the life of a human  being is too valuable to take the risk of take it away willingly and after that realize that was a mistake, because there is no way you can repair that mistake.

Read this from the New York Times:

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