It’s strange that Mladic was caught just for the day of the crucial meeting for the EU negotiations. Everybody there knew that he was living in Serbia protected by military, even receiving a pay as a veteran for a while until the assassinated Serbian Prime Minister Zoran Djindjic, ¿remeber him? that young decided man, the […]

More dan 1.100 Syrians dead. That’s what the news says today about how the uprising is going there. How many are actually dead? It’s impossible to know. Maybe many more. There is not an easy way to obtain news from there. We will only know when all this finish if the end is at the […]

How sad. Obama in Europe and Netanyahu in the Hill collecting standing ovations to his vision of the future of Israel and the Palestinians. A powerful Israeli State (its OK) with a military control over the Palestinian territory and above all the Jordan river and all the Jordan Valley (more of the same, nothing changes). […]

Obama didn’t change his speech about the Middle East and about the two states solution based in the 1967 borders for Israel an Palestine, not in front of the Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, neither facing the influential AIPAC ( American Israel Public Affairs Committee ). Prime Minister Netanyahu also said what was expected: no way […]

Something is changing in North Africa and in the Middle East, it’s obvious. And it seems that something is changing also in Washington. I don’t remember a president of the United States speaking about some “untouchable” things like the Israeli-Palestinian conflict with such rotundity. He openly criticized the settlement activity of Israel in the West Bank […]

Mr. Trump has decided that the public sector is not his turf. After his irruption on the political landscape and his successful spread of doubts about the birth place of the president Obama and his promises to investigate the High School grades of the Commander in Chief between other similar moves, he has seen that his […]

Military shooting civilian demonstrators have prompted in Libya an intervention by NATO forces. The same thing in Syria have some diplomatic isolation and threatenings, in Egypt it seems to provoke “great” nations to look to other side because they already defined what happened there many weeks ago as a “pacific” popular revolution. But in Israel […]