I listened and watched to the President’s speech at the White House Correspondents Dinner, answering at the latest accusations by Donald Trump that prompted the publication of Obama’s birth certificate days ago only to stop him saying that the President wasn’t a real American. Now Trump is questioning Obama’s grades when he was in high school (¡). Well, I don’t understand why all this has to be discussed now. I guess that the president was well investigated when he run for the office and before he took it. Is more serious to question if he is or not a good president. Don’t think so?. I Think the answer of the president at the dinner was great, with humor, but very strong, and face to face with the perpetrator of the polemic. Maybe Obama is not a great comedian, but he knew how to use the images to help himself in this trance in a very smart way, as can be expected from him. Well done.
Anyway. You can agree or not with the political ideas or the president’s achievements or errors, but this last attacks against him were nonsense and the idea of seen a man like Trump as president of the United States makes me shiver. It would be like have a super mega american Berlusconi in the White House. What a Show for the World! No, please!
A last Word: Thank you, President Obama for your words about the work of the journalists and in memory of the ones killed this days covering the conflicts around the world. We, Journalist are not used to hear words of praise. The ones who put their lives in the front line are doing a great service to society bringing the truth to the light. I have been in some of that situations, and I know how frustrating can be when the news doesn’t have the expected response. They can’t solve the problems. They see every day people trying to survive, death and live, blood, hunger, misery. They are courageous but merely witnesses, sometimes silenced, sometimes ignored, sometimes hopelessly seeing their work, so hard made achieved, reduced to a few lines in a lost page or a few seconds in a news show. The job of solving the problems is yours and of the other leaders of this troubled world if they truly care about freedom, peace and human rights, and not only about strategies, economy and some kind of profit.

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