So Osama Bin Laden is dead. Some are waiting for a confirmation from Al Qaeda, but the fact that quickly after the president Obama’s announcement of the killing Al Jazeera and other muslim media were reporting the story, some with new facts, as the footage of the location where he was found, and the silence of Al Qaeda was notorious. I Don’t think that Obama would risk to go live on TV to make such a statement with solid evidences. I don’t think Al Jazeera would risk to title “Osama bin Laden Killed by US Forces” to their audience without some kind of confirmation. I was reading the different reactions to the news and I agree with the one released by the Vatican: I can’t rejoice with the death of anybody, but bin Laden has now to confront his Maker and answer for all the people killed because of his orders and for spreading and practicing the use of religion as an instrument of hate and violence. If the US operation was intended to capture Bin Laden and bring him to Justice as they said, and he died in the fight, I have no problem with that. (well, yes, the problem to enter a foreign country without calling before launch the operation).
The thing is done, Osama is not any more out there, The symbol for his followers is gone, the mass murderer for their victims doesn’t exist any more. I think that nobody can blame, as some here in Europe did, the new yorkers or the other americans who celebrated in a first reaction the news, after the disaster they suffered and still suffering. Think about the illnesses of the people who survived, or the first responders, or the workers who cleaned the zone zero. Osama bin Laden, the terrorist is gone, and it’s a relief.
But what now?
Well is time to see if Al Qaeda remains strong with younger leaders spread around the world, but nobody can deny that the lost of Bin Laden is a big blow. Maybe bin Laden or his second in charge Ayman al-Zawahiri had no so much power because they were too busy hiding from the hunt, but Osama was an Icon. It was the face of all the movement. His famous and long tapes, his images hiking with his AK47 and his long bread, his legend of escape to the biggest power in the world after hitting it hard, is lost.
Now Obama has to do many things. First, be prepared to the response of Al Qaeda. Then, decided what to do with his troops in Afghanistan, (he promised to take them back this year). Third, restore the relations with Pakistan and put the cards on the table with their government) and define his politic in the Middle East and north Africa if there is a moment of weakness in the more radical muslim movements and a surge of the moderates.
I recommend to check this and to follow this reporting and analyzing:

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