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I was reading today some posts in my facebook wall from some “friends of friends” and some of them still don’t believe that Osama bin Laden is dead. They have doubts about the corpse lost forever into the see, they would want to see it, touch it to have the evidence. Maybe have it exposed somewhere to be seen by everybody who passed by? Oh my! I couldn’t help but remind those horrible images of two American soldiers dragged trough the streets of ¿It was Falluja? (I’m writing by memory without access to my database now, I’m sorry) until they were de-membered. So, now this anti-American or as they name themselves anti-imperialists are waiting for a similar behavior by Obama?. I’m not justifying with this the war in Iraq. I’m against any war, Im pacifist. I don’t understand and I don’t like preventive wars and preventive or not preventive assassinations. I only believe in self defense as a right nobody can deny. I hate violence of any kind I have seen enough.
Call me naif. I don’t care. My life is easier and my conscience at peace thinking like that. Call me naif, after decades of practicing journalism, seen and investigating political corruption, reporting about terrorism, but I prefer to believe in this case. Let’s put some things crystal clare. Osama is a terrorist and Obama is not, Obama is a president of a very powerful Country, elected by his people, with ideals you can like or not, very dificult to put in practice in a society too materialist in a world with a very deep change in motion and convulsed by violence he took as heritage from his predecessors.
Call me naif, but I prefer to believe that Osama is actually on the bottom of the see.
Call me naif, but I believe that it was a good move by Obama to don’t show to his people a signal of revenge in form of a corpse, or horrible images, assuming the risk to don’t be believed, but at the same time, avoiding to put himself at the level of Osama who left testament asking for revenge in case he would be killed as he was.
He (Osama) said he wasn’t afraid of death, but he was hiding just in case. He said he was willing to be a “martyr” for his cause and go to paradise, but was somehow unwillingly, after sending so many young muslims who went willingly to instant death charged with explosives to kill so many people, some combatants, but most of them just innocent people, christian, muslim or whatever religion or not religion they where in his name, following his movement.
So, call me naif, but after all this years of reporting and just one war, but still a war with all his horrors, reported on my back, I believe that Osama is dead and I only will change this thinking if somebody proves me the opposite.
Another word: When president Obama announced in TV the death of bin Laden, I don’t know why, but I believed him. I thought: He will not risk to do this without been positive, completely sure. As a Journalist, I checked to muslim media to see what where they saying, of course, but I believed him.
And I couldn’t help myself, seen his sober image and sober message, but remind that other image of president George W. Bush in military fatigues under the banner with the words “Mission accomplished” in the middle of the Ocean. The picture was great, but the mission wasn’t so accomplished as many of us suspected then and we all know now.
This new president didn’t search for a victorious picture. He appeared wearing a civilian suit, a President in the proper site (the White House) to announce something of great importance to his Nation. And he didn’t claim a complete victory, he was cautious, realist. The danger of terrorism remains, there can be retaliations. What a difference!. He wasn’t searching for a great historic picture. He simply said some historic words: Osama Bin Laden is dead. Maybe this was the reason because I believed the news this time, with Obama in the White House, and not then, years ago, with Bush under the banner.
About reactions of American people I was impressed by this one I read in The New York Times:

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