The cycle is closed. Al Qaeda confirmed that Osama bin Laden is dead and that he was killed by US forces, so there is no more room for doubts. The icon is gone. Now, his terrorist wire is reacting as was expected: announcing “tears and blood” for the americans wherever they happen to be, and revenge on the Pakistanis as allies of the US in the hunt of their leader, which is weird, because right now there are so many doubts about that pakistani cooperation after knowing that bin Laden was comfortably living next to the biggest military academy of the country in Abbottabad. That fact is prompting many questions about if Pakistan was actually saying that was cooperating to have the benefits of the new friendship of the US in it’s problems with India and Afghanistan, and at the same time hiding him to avoid problems with the radicals on their own soil.
Now is the hour to see how much is left of the strength of the terrorist organization Bin Laden leaded to do as promised. It would be easier in Pakistan, and harder, I think, in the US. From 9-11 they didn’t reach the american soil with enough strength to harm, but will be easier in Pakistan and other muslim countries with more radical population. They had announced already bad times, more violence, more victims. Let’s see if most of the victims will be other muslims in muslim countries, as happened before or americans and “westerners” around the world. Or no so many if the terrorist wire is really loosing strength in front of a new wave towards moderation in the youngest generations of some countries. There are too many questions. Unfortunately there are only one option, be prepared and wait to see what happen.
Now we know for sure bin Laden is gone for ever, his aides are going to release post mortem another of his long and by repetition tedious tapes he left behind recorded weeks before his death, so we will se him again probably menacing everybody and calling for the “Holly War”. They will try to revive or keep the fire of their followers, the rest of the world will ask again when all this will end, if there is an end. Let’s hope this blow to Al Qaeda has hurt it and the end arrive as soon as possible.
But for that we need also no more bellicose adventures, no more distractions, no more double games with similar conflicts like is now happening with Libya and Syria to choose an example, no more double games with the drug traffic or with the people traffic, the new slavery, and so many injustices that it’s impossible to write all them in a single column.
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