If you have read my post about Obama’s answer to Donald Trump during the Annual Dinner of the White House Correspondent Association, maybe you’ll know I found sensitive from his part to take some last and serious words to recognize the work of journalists in war zones. Some days after, when I found an article by Bill Keller, executive Editor of the New York Time who, after spending time reporting in conflict zones is now in charge of sending professionals to cover this kind of dangerous information. His vision of the job is realist, at times heart breaking. I happened to read some days before another piece, this by a photo reporter talking about his “gang” of professionals going out of look. After years covering the most dangerous situations without any casualty, suddenly they lost some friends in the front line. It was another reminder of that reality: there are out there a lot of young or no so young people who are going to wars, scenes of calamities, conflicts, an this without arms or too much defense but a security vest (sometimes), a photo camera, and a word painted in white big letters that not so much violent people respect: Press.
But they are our eyes of things that are happening in this world. things that sometimes are making first page, and sometimes are not, but still are happening and deserve our attention, not only when the conflict explodes, but when derives in a famine, or in a nobody cares any more lost ugly problem, too much far away to ruin a good breakfast or too long to catch any more our attention.
So please, read this piece by Bill Keller in which he exposes his experiences and his doubts, and if you still have time and patience, you can read my commentary to the article.

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  1. Thank you to spread the word. I think is something we owe it to them

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