Steven Phillips the day of his exoneration

Steven Phillips the day of his exoneration,via

Patrik Waller celebrates his victory after 16 years in prison. By Tony Gutierrez/Associated Press

Patrik Waller celebrates his victory after 16 years in prison. By Tony Gutierrez/Associated Press

How many people are in jail because they had had bad lawyers or biased prosecutors or who knows what reasons? How many criminals are in the streets or at large because of wrong convictions that stops investigations or simply because there are no way to investigate everything? . And, after reading this report by John Schwartz in the New York Times, maybe is time to ask also, how many lawyers are taking a way too big piece of the cake, the money that is given to the wrongful convicted as reparation for the years lost in Jail being innocent more than half of the compensation in the case of Steve Phillips, who spent almost 25 years in jail until DNA proved he wasn’t the perpetrator of the crimes charged against him, and something similar in the case of  Patrik Waller who spent almost 16 years in Jail for a robbery an a kidnaping he didn’t do. According to this report, the lawyers who brought out them from Jail where OK, but when it came the part to suing the city of Dallas to reach an economical compensation, everything went crazy. They thought the lawyers they hired were working for their reclamations, but found out too late that this other lawyers were spending the money lobbing for an increase of the pays to other similar cases, which is not a bad idea, but was not the reason for they were hired. The bill Mr. Phillips received from the lawyer lobbyist Kevin Glasheen had an amount of more than a million dollars.  And now Phillips, who was rewarded with 2 million dollars, and have seen how the most part is in the hands of his lawyer, is suing him for using is money lobbying without telling him a word and not just defending him, which would be way more cheaper. At the end, no way out of courts and everybody after de money. Out of jail, but not out of courts, and out of more costs, all because of the call of the happy green bills, everybody  want in their hands. At least that’s the way it seems to be in this story. Always de money, when people want it more than anything. In those cases, the overturned conviction was not the end of the nightmare. Was a great wake up, but it seems that followed by a lot of bad dreams for a long time.

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