AP burial of some of the palestinian dead

Military shooting civilian demonstrators have prompted in Libya an intervention by NATO forces. The same thing in Syria have some diplomatic isolation and threatenings, in Egypt it seems to provoke “great” nations to look to other side because they already defined what happened there many weeks ago as a “pacific” popular revolution. But in Israel for a long, long time it seems to have been OK. It was during the first Intifada, It was the day after Ariel Sharon before he was elected as a Prime Minister decided to enter with his bodyguards the Temple Mount, where the most holy places for the muslims are, and prompted a new wave of violence, it was when following the doctrine of the preventive assassinations and preventive war, Israeli forces bombed so many times the crowded city of Gaza causing so many “collateral damages” with names of men, women and children, broken families, homes destroyed, tanks against stones, aviation against some semiautomatic guns  or against bystanders with nothing to defend themselves. There have been palestinian terrorists attacks with innocent civilian casualties with names of men women and children, broken families and all that? Yes. I’m against terrorism.  And I’m against war and violence. Is the response of the israeli army proportional? I don’t think so. I think is brutal. Numbers (of the victims in one an other side) talk for themselves.

And then there is the Wall in the West Bank, passing in the middle of  farmers’ lands, who now don’t have access to their properties, the unrooting olive trees and vineyards without  previous notice to the owners, the occupations of their lands by the settlers protected by their own security people or the army, the isolation of villages, the difficulties or impossibility  to access to the water sources in their own territory, the obligation to pass a check point for children to go to school in a divided city like Hebron.

This weekend the palestinians went to the streets to demonstrate their anger in the Nabka day, the catastrophe that was for them the creation of the Israeli state, because of what they fly or where expelled from their homes and lands. So, what was a great achievement for the jewish: the rebirth of Israel as a state for their people, was the beginning of a nightmare for most of the palestinians, now confined in Gaza, refugee camps in Lebanon, Syria, Jordan and living in part of the west Bank (there are so many illegal jewish settlements and roads only for the settlers and the Wall and military controls to protect some of the settlements there that it would be a lie to say that the West Bank is in fact palestinian), or exiled in Egypt or so many other countries. Many of the families keep as a treasure the keys of their old homes in the territory that now is Israel and use to go to the demonstrations for the nabka day with them as a symbol of their protest.

This year was different. This year, the protests where coordinated and hundreds of  palestinians poured through the borders, from Lebanon and Syria, others went to the internal borders in Gaza and the West Bank and others went out to the streets in Egypt and Jordan. It’s legal to force a fence at the border and enter in a demonstration to another country with banners an maybe picking stones to trow to the soldiers? no. But how many times Israel has entered the aerial space or the ground of Lebanon and Syria and how many years had their territory invaded?. It was that legal?. At the end, the same story: as much as I know at this moment, Israel 0, Palestine 14 (dead) and “scores” of wounded according to The New York Times report, 15 dead according to the Associated Press report.  Logical after a fight between an army against banners, flags,  and stones.

And now, what?. Maybe another terrorist attack, and then another preventive assassination, another revenge operation with some child killed “by mistake” because ws too close to the border?.

Oh, Israel, What has become of you?. You were an ideal, a dream for so many jews around the globe after de WWII, but right now, you are a State that can do what others can’t without an international intervention, because it’s not politically or diplomatically correct to contradict anything about you in this crazy world of ours.

And you, palestinians, why are you so alone?

It seems that nobody, nor in the muslim world, helps in a practical way. You have had many good words from many of the leaders of the muslim world, some of them still in power, some of them struggling violently to don’t loose it and two of them already gone. You have been mostly a claim, an excuse even for the radical and terrorists. But you and your cause  have been used also by the people who called themselves your brothers in the fight. There are other priorities: Money, trades, diplomacy, strategies, many divisions, no facts, no help, no actions.

So, Libya can be bombed by NATO anytime and quickly because has a leader who orders his army to shoot at his own people and it is in a relatively safe place far away from the borders of the high explosive zone of the Middle East (but too close to southern Europe), Syria can’t because it has borders with Israel, too close to a place nobody want to enter in conflict. Egypt is too big and also with a long border with Israel. Too much risks, to much to think and calculate before making a move.

And in the middle of all this, the negotiations going on for a two state solution for Israel and Palestine after the “reconciliation” between Hamas in Gaza and Al Fatah in the West Bank to go with one voice in this travel for the first time. In front: Netanyahu, an israeli  leader no so inclined to make peace with Hamas and Al Fatah together in the picture, that is already saying that the demonstrations of this weekend are an evidence that palestinians don’t want peace, and Obama who is walking through this pathvery cautiously, I think with a good reason.

Is all this turmoil from Libya to Syria gone to help in the “peace process”? Again, lets wait and see. I don’t think there is now a clear answer, all is in motion, everything changes day by day. The leaders in the area are too known, and the animosity is big. The question now is to see what can offer or do in such a quickly changing situation the Obama Administration, now than the regional allies, Egypt and Jordan, are busy with their own problems to mediate as they did in the past.

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