Donald Trump failed campaign

Mr. Trump has decided that the public sector is not his turf. After his irruption on the political landscape and his successful spread of doubts about the birth place of the president Obama and his promises to investigate the High School grades of the Commander in Chief between other similar moves, he has seen that his place is the private sector, which it was crystal clare  from the beginning. I guess by deciding that, Donald Trump has provoke a sight of relief in many of the serious people in the Republican Party. The line of his campaign to be nominated as GOP candidate was embarrassing after the publication of the birth certificate of President Obama from Hawaii and the only answer he received from  the target of his attacks, Obama,  in form of a  joke, face to face, in the White House Correspondents’ Dinner because that was it was all that noise. And now, that Trump has decided to fire himself from the run, Obama as expected has not comment. Why to comment a charade?

Many think Trump wanted seriously to run, others that he only wanted camera, lights, action, for a few months, but maybe he thought that will last some more time. And why? Because, as he nows, a candidate is investigated and in some point he would have to file a financial disclosure of his assets. as is very well explained by a columnist from the Wall Street Journal John Fund Wow, that would be great. Trump investigated to see how much is his real value in plain dollars right now, how are going all his business. How many dollars are going to his pouch. Well, Donald, that’s the real life on the run. Not only see who yells louder and dirtier, or revolve the public opinion with issues that you know have being investigated yet because if not, or if the results where the ones you suggested,  Mr. Obama couldn’t be in the White House, not even a nominee in the 2008 campaign. Now you says you are not prepared to go leave the private sector. Let’s follow your line of campaigning and begin an investigation: it is because you are not capable to be embarrassed by a joke, it is because you have something not so clare or even obscure in your private businesses?, it is because you are not really truly Mayflower American? or it is because you prefer to live the comfortable life of a celebrity who can say whatever you want without answer to anyone but yourself? or a combination of al that?. Maybe you can explain all this in your reality show before fire someone else.

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