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Obama didn’t change his speech about the Middle East and about the two states solution based in the 1967 borders for Israel an Palestine, not in front of the Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, neither facing the influential AIPAC ( American Israel Public Affairs Committee ).

Prime Minister Netanyahu also said what was expected: no way to talk about the borders of 1967 and the two states solution. That in front of President Obama and also in front of the AIPAC. He won’t negotiate. Period.

Obama’s speech said in the background of the so-called muslim spring, didn’t fulfill the expectations of the Palestinians, because they would like a two states solution with the borders of 1967 not “based” in that borders, and because it visions a demilitarized state for them and a full militarized with a great financial help for that from the US for the Israeli state. That for starters.

Nobody is happy, which is normal when there is something to negotiate. There is a balance to the side of Israel, yes, but not so heavy as usual, and they, used to full support doesn’t like it, muslim spring rolling around or not. They want the status quo how it was, something that Obama said it’s impossible to prolong because world is changing too fast.

I would like from him something bolder, but I think that is worthy to be considered the effort made by president Obama to sustain a non popular vision of the problem in front of the powerful israeli lobby in the States, because he is the first to open a crack on the door, because of the history inherited he can’t brush off in a second, and because it’s a risky move facing a reelection and he knows it.

Know, what will be the translation on the ground? Who knows?. Maybe (I’m pessimistic) more violence, because of the israeli politic of “de facto” invasion of territories planting new settlements and making walls into the Palestinian territories that can be accelerated ahead of the planned Palestinian joint plead before the UN to the recognition of their State, and that can’t prompt a demonstrations, attacks, retaliations, and so on and on. Think about the last Nabka day. Think about the last 43 years. It’s not enough?

As I said in my last entry. Israel is strong. Why is coming back to a babysitter to resolve its problems? Why is it’s babysitter still taking care of a 63 year’s old “baby”? What are you so scared of? Iran? Let’s see what happens with Iran. It seems they have many internal problems there.

I would like another cartoon following the one by Pat Oliphant, with Obama standing off telling that big Netanyahu’s face: Yes, me. And you,  go home!. But this isn’t gonna happen is it? I would like it, I would like him saying again “Yes, we can” and change this troubled and stone cornered place of the world with freedom and justice.

Oh! How naif I am! How needed of peace!, How tired of calculated politics! How many times I have dreamed to go to Bethlehem to be in a City of heavenly peace, how many times I have seen pictures, hunger, humiliation, violence and hatred in that beloved place, now behind a Wall, how many tears every Christmas singing Holly Night!

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