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How many syrians have to die?
By Olga Brajnović Posted in Middle East, World and Politics on May 25, 2011 0 Comments
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syrian soldiers patrolling a village/Reuters

More dan 1.100 Syrians dead. That’s what the news says today about how the uprising is going there. How many are actually dead? It’s impossible to know. Maybe many more. There is not an easy way to obtain news from there. We will only know when all this finish if the end is at the side of the demonstrators against the regime of Bashar Al-Ashad.

So, how many people have to die in Syria to deserve from the “coalition” or the international community something more than words?. I mean, something called practical help?

Libya has been bombed almost from day one to help the so-called rebels against Qadaffi. Syria is bleeding and nothing: only sanctions for the regime from the US. Why is so different. I think I already wrote about this: the proximity of Israel, and the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. A zone no one want to explore because is too dangerous. The people are alone against their dictator. I was deeply moved with the story who appeared in Al Jazeera English about a young boy, Fawaz Al Haraki, wounded by a shoot by the police in the streets and dead because of the big problems the secret services and the police put in his way to the emergency room. Read it. It’ll give you a perspective of what’s going on there.

The inconsistency of the way to answer the uprising in the arab world it would bring consequences for the countries now so hesitant to make a move farther to just words

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