Bibi for president?

How sad. Obama in Europe and Netanyahu in the Hill collecting standing ovations to his vision of the future of Israel and the Palestinians. A powerful Israeli State (its OK) with a military control over the Palestinian territory and above all the Jordan river and all the Jordan Valley (more of the same, nothing changes). No way to the refugees to come back because there will be more Palestinians than jewish in Israel and then there will be in danger the Jewish State and the Democracy (There is no democracy if there are more Palestinians than jewish?). And not even think about the borders of 1967. The result? All the US Congress in standing ovation.

OK, so maybe the Republicans can stop worrying about their candidate to the next elections: nominate Bibi for president.

And now, for the serious business: Netanyahu said that he is waiting to the Palestinian Authority to recognize Israel as a State. Well, the whole world recognized already Israel as a legitimate State. It is a member of the UN. It has his enemies, right, almost all of them neighbors and it has to deal with them. they are doing violently and victoriously by now all by themselves. And it’s claire that they have the support of the biggest military power in the world if something goes out of control.

So, they don’t have the need to be recognize as a State. If something happen to them, they will have help. They know that. more than all after Bibi Netanyahu‘s intervention at the Congress.

The Palestinians are the ones who have the problem with the statehood, and that is a big, big problem. Without a State, everybody, in this case Israel, can do whatever it want to them and nobody will go to help, they have no rights and nobody wants stirring a wasp nest like that one. With a State, the incursions of the Israeli army will be invasions in the international law and the international community would have to decide to do something about it. That’s why is so important for the Palestinians to see their territory recognized as a State for them. Not a no man land or a buffer land or a land to confined an undesired people, without any legal definition.

To have a State to call home It’s a desperate need for the Palestinians right now. They will be able to go to the Arab League as an equal and no as the poor calling at the door. and they will be able to enter t the negotiations with Israel, the US  and the neighbor states who were mediators (all of them now in trouble), as an equal, a state within other states, and not as a group of undefined people who doesn’t have the right to put on the table exigencies but only ask, hear, and say if they agree or not. And in this changing moment for all the arab world that’s more urgent than ever.

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