So China is making big trades in Germany and in the whole world. The big country with the fast growing economy before which all democracies in economic trouble are suddenly kneeling is doing good business, now in Germany. A Country that is growing and changing, which is good, but that doesn’t permit basic freedom and […]

I promised in my last post to write about a Palestinian story that touched deeply my heart. It’s the story of a child as many others living in East Jerusalem who doesn’t have rights because one of his parents are not “arab Israelis” or they have some problem with the israeli justice like in this […]

No more than three days after the Syrian president Assad Al Bashar addressed his people promising some unspecific openings to stop the uprising against his regime, the facts keep saying that there are no signs of any dialog to resolve the problems, only the sound of weapons. Today, tanks and soldiers entered the border village […]

Some Palestinians in Gaza are going to have “maybe” soon a house five years after their old one was destroyed by an israeli bombing if finally the UN keep it’s promise and began the constructions with the permission of the Israeli Government who control the entry of the materials though the check points, a thing […]

American Soldiers landing in the French coast ofNormandy June 6 1944 (Associated Press) Europe is suffering for 66 years from an acute case of Normandy syndrome, that has worsened with time and is now a chronic illness never treated with no wanted treatment, because it has some pleasant symptoms for most of the sufferers who […]

The sacrifice of Manal al Sharif, the woman who spent 10 days in prison for driving openly in Saudi Arabia, an activity banned for women, and publishing her doing in a video wasn’t fruitless. I commented her action and her reasons to do it in a post almost three weeks ago, and hopped that what […]

I have been commenting so many ugly stories this last weeks and watching so horrible images around the world, thinking about what would be the outcomes of what is going on in the arab world, North Africa, the whole Africa, because one thing is what the news is serving us and other is the reality […]