Some Palestinians in Gaza are going to have “maybe” soon a house five years after their old one was destroyed by an israeli bombing if finally the UN keep it’s promise and began the constructions with the permission of the Israeli Government who control the entry of the materials though the check points, a thing didn’t do to the moment for housing, only for schools and some hospitals that, by the way are out of supplies according some recent reports in muslim media.

This problem (no normal housing because of israeli attacks by aviation or rocketing or tanks in Gaza during the past five years) is affecting at least to 27.000 people, living in warehouses, tents, an other kind of no permanent dwellings with problems to have current water o water at all, as is shown in the Al Jazeera report I tried to post in this entry. And besides, wouldn’t be the Israeli Army or the government responsible to pay something for the civilian houses and lives destroyed in that massive operations?  (Same to the other side, some of you would said. OK, but in that account, the balance is way greater against the Israeli Army, the numbers are there)

The problem here is, like always, that the UN does nothing without the permission of Israel, because that would be required a confrontation and they have to cross the check points (impossible with animosity).

Now there have to be more hope for Gaza with the opening of the border with Egypt. It’s a new gate to entry with materials to build the needed houses to the homeless families, and that could be also a hope for all the unemployed people living in the Strip of Gaza until now as in a prison. Many could be employed in the construction business in their own land and get supplies at the other side of the border. But for that the UN have to organize things fast.

And it seems that is not so easy for the Palestinians. Now they have problems with their passports diverse, ones issued by the Government of Hamas in  Gaza, others by the government of Al Fatah in the West Bank. Whose will validated in the new opened Egypt border?. Nothing is easy for a Palestinian.

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