Syrian troops (AP)

No more than three days after the Syrian president Assad Al Bashar addressed his people promising some unspecific openings to stop the uprising against his regime, the facts keep saying that there are no signs of any dialog to resolve the problems, only the sound of weapons.

Today, tanks and soldiers entered the border village of Khirbet al Jouz by surprise prompting a rushed flying of the villagers to cross the border while they were listening the explosions and rocketing against their houses. Syrian tanks and troops move just to the border with Turkey. The turkish left everybody enter and take refuge, the Red Cross and Crescent Moon people were prepared.

But this move of the Syrian military was violent as others before, hard to innocent people, families and children and also specially bold towards Turkey, because it has positioned troops right in the border, not near, right there. And so far (at the moment I’m writing this) Ankara has not reacted. Even the Syrians take down a turkish flag that was on the top of a building in the village and posted snipers there according Al Jazzera reports. They didn’t cross the border but they are there.

This is more important knowing that Turkey is a NATO country. So, Assad is saying to NATO: you, mighty military power who are punishing for months Gaddafi because is repressing a upraising in his turf, here I am at your door doing the same untouched. Explain this to the world. And if Assad is not saying this, I’m asking that question: explain this to me, please. Explain this to the world. What is the difference? What is the card Assad hides?  How he can scared the UN, the NATO? or it’s a question between Syria and Turkey?

It’s time to put the cards on the table and explain what’s going on. But I’m  being again naif. Who explains what moves that strategies of international politics? The no ending agonizing wars for years under failing agreements that everybody know wouldn’t work? The profiting weapons industries, the profiting business who grow around the wars?.

Will be worth it not to turn the eyes to other side for a while and see what Ankara does, what NATO decides, how Syrian people survive, what they need, how can we help them. We can’t afford another endless conflict in the Middle East that the “westerners” only would remain when make news as happens in Palestine or Lebanon, or…How long is the list?

Today I was going to comment a Palestinian story, but this news made me change the subject. I’ll try to post it tomorrow if I can. It touched me deeply.

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