Palestinian kids in East Jerusalem the Palm Sunday

Palestinian kids in East Jerusalem with olive braches

I promised in my last post to write about a Palestinian story that touched deeply my heart. It’s the story of a child as many others living in East Jerusalem who doesn’t have rights because one of his parents are not “arab Israelis” or they have some problem with the israeli justice like in this case. So this kids don’t have right to have a nationality, citizenship, are not registered, doesn’t have to health care and schooling. they are nobody, not even second class citizens, they are nobody. They are out of the statistics, doesn’t figure as people living in East Jerusalem in the negotiations about the demographic situation there and if they want to be educated and treated if they have some health problem they have to cross the Wall and go maybe to Ramallah not knowing if they will be able to come back home, because they don’t have papers.

Isn’t this apartheid? Was the first thing It came to my mind when a read the story. Clearly this kids have only two options: wait to some miracle to happen for them or leave East Jerusalem which is (it seems) the goal of this kind of measures.

What’s the problem? Watching from  far away, there are a lot, but one very out of control for the Israeli authorities: Demography. The grow of the so-called arab-israeli and Palestinian population is way faster than the israeli. The immigration of jews around the world after the surge of the post communism fall is slowing. So the no jews populations is growing and some of the people of the Likud, the prime Minister’s party are saying that the democracy “is in danger”. Why? because there are more not jews casting votes? aren’t they entitled to democracy?. Before the last misunderstandings in Washington (see the maps in this old posting) between Netanyahu and Obama, the New York Times published an opinion of one of the “sharks” of the Likud. His vision of the two states solution for Israel and Palestine was All for Israel and only Gaza and the West Banks cities isolated for the Palestinians as islands, or a dalmatian fur like map for them and of course, without communication, army, guns, or whatever you can imagine. If that is what the Likud has in store. There will be very hard times ahead. Let’s see now how continues this story between Netanyahu, Obama in the new scene of a (new?) Egypt, a Syria in war and Jordan in trouble. I think Israel have to survive, but if doesn’t change fast, will have serious problems. The so-called Arab Spring needs flexibility in the rest of the world to succeed. To keep embracing past structures is like stand and watch as a tsunami is approaching not moving or repositioning. Maybe now, maybe later, its lethal.

Only the activist settlers have large families fighting this population problems in the occupied territories. Yesterday I Watched a report about a settlement in the West Bank , were a village of bedouins is constantly demolished with some amount of violence against the people by the security people of the neighboring settlement and the settlers live in comfortable homes surrounded by a fence just in case and the bedouins in tents, without water, light and nothing that they are trying to build.

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