Hu Jia STR/AFP/Getty ImagesAi Weiwei

Wen Jiabao with Angela Merkel, Jun 29 2011

So China is making big trades in Germany and in the whole world. The big country with the fast growing economy before which all democracies in economic trouble are suddenly kneeling is doing good business, now in Germany. A Country that is growing and changing, which is good, but that doesn’t permit basic freedom and rights to their citizens, that jails dissidents, artists, like the soviets in Stalin era, that cuts internet communications when the congress of the only one party is in progress just in case the opposition is heard or watched from the outside, that closes churches and arrests faithful just for being that, is now a respectful partner for business. And just in case somebody says something unpleasant, before the trip the
It’s a coincidence that just this last days two well-known dissident artists like Ai Weiwei and  Hu Jia were left out from jail with conditions?. I’m sorry but I don’t think so. It seems to me more like some kind of show of good manners to their partners democratic partners.

But who buys that? Apparently everybody, now that China is rich and its money is welcomed without questions. What was a crime unforgivable for the Soviets  or for North Korea it’s nothing for China. What a miraculous is the money in this nowadays high level politics. Where are the ideals? Freedom, freedom to speech, right to a free press and free communications, freedom of movements and all that? And what happens with the social differences and the large population who lives in poverty? It seems all that is parked until there is some trip outside to do business. And then out of opportunity some good will gesture for show, close the agreements without too much embarrassment for the counterparts and go back to park again the freedoms.

Maybe is an obscure view of the situation, but is how I see all this China business with the west. Great for them, shame for this part of the world actually sold to the Chinese  regime in body and soul.

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