A saxo player in front of a panel of the running of the bulls in Pamplona 7-7-2011 after the first run. the author of the picture is JOSE LUIS OLLO

It’s over. The “Fiesta” is gone. After a week of madness, Pamplona, Spain, is again a quiet peaceful city. This year the bulls have been fairly good with the runners, “only” for or five wounded by horns, with blood and all that, but not too seriously, and many others stepped on by the animals or other runners, falls, and others accidents. Everybody was clothed in white and red, music on the streets, wine, beer, dancing, street performers, street sellers, artisans, and suddenly, Thanks to an army of city workers, in just a few hours, everything is gone.

No more big animals with horns, no more tourists looking for crazy fun, no more drinking, dancing and living on the streets talking to each other as we would friends from childhood, no matter in which language we talk. We are alone again caring  our own business and running our particular bulls of life.

The bulls are dangerous because they are big, fast and armed with that sharp horns, but also because almost all the path of the run is going upside, and is proved that the bulls run faster upside than downside, and with humans is the opposite. So is normal that the bull hit the runner if he doesn’t take refuge in time. that’s the technique or the theory, because in real life you can be hit not knowing from where it came that monster to you.

Yes, we had our week of explosion of joy, danger, bewilderment, fiesta, and evasion of problems, we forget about the rest of the world, everything was white and red, everywhere we had opportunities to enjoy, and now is over.

Running the bulls of life isn’t over

But the running of the bulls of life is not. Is what happens in the world today. Fast facts movements, or tragedies that runs up faster than humans and of course politicians and governments realize they had to adapt their strategies, they are still talking for hours about problems without realizing that their people and soon they will be in a pool of virtual or maybe real blood surpassed by a big fast horned bull arrived out of nowhere because they where not watching in the right direction.

Yesterday, the terrorist bull hit deadly Norway out of nowhere. It seems that a radical right activist group organized and did the massacre. This uprising of far right groups is a serious matter in Europe and I don’t know if there have a proper attention. And then, the eastern world is waiting for an answer to the kill of Osama bin Laden. When? Where? Maybe the answer is so simple as when and where is possible. So, no trust, fear, and people at the top out of practical answers, empty of solutions.

For the common citizens in Europe, we are running the banking bills, unemployment rates, increasing taxes and prices, that go faster upside than human beings can resist, and they don’t have time or opportunity to take refuge or save themselves from the sharp and sometimes deadly horns. For years ago, my income was fairly good, and I could help my mom. Now, with the same job, I hardly can survive, and I’m sick. I’m in the horns and don’t see space to hide. I’m waiting for the wound. But I’m looky, others don’t have anything. In Africa they are dying because of starvation. (And we discussing about the Euro).

For the rest of the world, the bulls are the fast changes that have erupted in the arab world. Running fast up as the International Organizations (NATO UN) are out of breath or acting as they are not realizing how urgent the problem is and not explaining why human lives in countries like Libya are different from human lives in Syria or in the Palestinian territories or in Bahrein or in Arabia. Our hyper-communicated world is no more a place for some kind of secrets.

Old international structures are being running too slowly before a fast and dangerous bulls with sharp horns and maybe will get painfully hit . They seems to go reach old solutions like protect themselves with heavy medieval armour that maybe can easy the pain of the hit but will slow the reaction and not the running of this particular bulls if that was the idea and less of all find solutions at the pace the world needs them. It’s time for them to change, to get younger, to admit new members in the club to represent the real world, to drop the weight acquired after WWII figure out how to be operative in the era of the instant communication and run faster.

About Olga Brajnović

Journalist. In my fifties. I've worked for 26 years in a newspaper in Spain. I worked for two years as a stringer and correspondent in the US, and went as a special envoy to other places like the Balkans. Sea lover. Avid reader. Classic Music enthusiast.


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