An image from a video posted in youtube and picked up by the Los Angeles Times, shows the bombing of the city of Hama last Sunday

According to today’s Al Jazeera English report, there have been 142 dead people in two days in Syria and the reaction in the western powerful countries again have been words. The same countries that are arming Libyans and bombing Gaddafi’s positions are doing nothing to stop the bloodbath in Syria other than said that it is a very bad thing and that president Assad have to be less cruel with his people and converse to democracy or graciously leave his post to some democrat leader, a thing that for now is claire he’s not going to do.

What’s the problem? The same problem in all this so-called “Arab Spring” conflicts, they are under the supervision and the decisions of the UN Security Council and they crash with the veto of the rulers of the world. That institution that i think is too old for this new world, and instead of resolving problems is creating them in the lasts years.

Let’s see this situations and the demonstrations in the North of Africa and the Middle East. OK, Europe had a lot of interests in Libya (economic, of course). The market had been just opened. And suddenly the ex terrorist converted in friendly but excentric leader for three years thanks to some agreements pushed by former president Bush after solving the problem of the compensations to the victims of the Pan Am 103 flight that crashed in Lockerbie, and caused 270 deaths, in a terrorist attack ordered by the same Gaddafi, went back to the status of a villain massacring his own people. But then, the americans where not so interested in enter in another war and the Europeans in NATO where not able to reach an agreement without the american forces to do the job and with the turkish looking not so enthusiastic to go against an arab country. But finally was an agreement and an intervention, I think no so well planned, because the thing is lasting too long and there is too much chaos there.

Tunisia apparently felt alone, and Egypt is a fraud in terms of information to the westerners They think everything is solved and don’t realize that almost nothing changed, because the army still in power like the lasts decades and it seems they are enjoin it a lot. And the civilians who made the peaceful revolutions doesn’t have a strong voice yet nor consolidated liberties

We are approaching the red zone. Why there is not a foreign intervention in Syria? The russian veto in the Security Council. Today was confirmed by the foreign affairs ministry. The Deputy Foreign Minister Mihail Bogdanov said in TV that “national dialogue is the best way to solve the internal problems in Syria through reforms in all domains and rebuilding the administrative system.” and that his country “supports all efforts to continue national dialogue in Syria in a constructive atmosphere which serves the interests of people, hoping that this dialogue will yield positive outcomes, especially that the Syrian leadership had proposed a set of reform programs and plans”. Well, if the plans include a massacre in the eve of Ramadan and continue with the fight during the fasting month, I doubt that would help the dialog. And then, as I reported in an early post, the Russian Navy base of Tartus in the south coast of Syria, the only point russians have in the Mediterranean, can be de real reason to so generous support.

So, now Syria (or maybe we would say more accurately the regime of Hassad) has the Russian veto in this crisis, the same as Israel has the US veto in everything and can do with the palestinians what it wants. Killings like yesterday’s in Qalandya cross-point or the agony of the blockades in Gaza and the West Bank, appropriations of lands,  collapsing houses, still constructing settlements in a territory that’s not theirs, not accomplishing UN resolutions, and so on… And then is the money. That other governor of todays world. Didn’t I read some days ago that some rich petro Arab countries will not vote for the State of Palestine with full rights but for the formula of a State “observer” in the UN the same that have the Vatican who doesn’t want to mess in politics? They say that is a first step very important.

That’s it, if you don’t have money to buy it, get yourself a friend with a veto and you’ll do whatever you want. Even kill half of  your citizens to have more space to build palaces.

But would be easier that this people in the UN sit down and recognize that they have to open up his circle make an institution representative of the real world and  change that veto system. It’s about time.

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