a real image of that "lovely war" a wounded soldier, no help in sight, fear, and this is one of the mildest sights you can find of all that

I read in the New York Times an Opinion piece by Paul Krugman under the tittle “Oh! What a Lovely War!” in which he argues the good that the reaction of the American people after WWII did to the Economy of the Country. Just the title made me shiver. I commented the article right the way. You can read the column clicking the link at the back of this post. This was my reaction:

What a lovely war? what about the dead, the destruction, the scares for generations, the nowadays conflicts created because that old conflicts never properly closed? So, the great solution for a troubled economy is to send more people to die to make space to the workers in times of lack of employment and create new jobs in the weaponry Industry? How sad, Mr. Krugman. How sad to have a so cold point of view about the situation in what it seems that humans are simply virtual toys in a video game that can be destroyed if there are bothering or too heavy to support or too poor. Or not, knowing that they are in the best of their lives and can be spared overseas in some war to make place others who can’t,  or wouldn’t. Send them to give their lives for their Homeland (no matter we don’t know exactly for what reason) so the ones who stay can build weapons or distribute food and goods for them.

What a lovely war? there is blood of my family in that war and in one of the wars that followed in the 90’s (the so-called Balkans war) because there was no good solution for half Europe at the end of that “lovely” war. And so happened to millions and millions of people in  Europe and in America, and thousands and thousands of people in the lasts years after the 9-11. American blood, tons of American blood, thousands of young lives and thousands of other countries attacked with a lot of “collateral damages with names and faces and ages, some very short ages, people lives gone for ever.

Why don’t look to the problem from other perspective? You are a liberal, OK, You won’t like it, maybe you’ll prefer some war. Let Obama do some of what he promised in economic policy with the taxes of the millionaires and billionaires that can help in times of trouble, with the lobbies and the buying of the politicians for particular interests, all that proposals that went down because of the votes in the Capitol. There is no blood there. Only dollars and papers. Painfully, maybe, but just dollars changing of purpose. And yes, maybe some of the fortunate of the world will have to make some little sacrifice without any risk to began to think seriously how are they going to find food to eat and provide for their family next day, as many people around the world and in your own Country have. You have already three or more wars going on and, what’s the result for your economy? look around, please, and answer. War is pure evil. And for God’s sake, if you believe in Him, and if not, for whatever you care, don’t miss a war to fix the economy.

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