There has been a kidnaping of a vulnerable wounded person. in a few moments the house is full of police, a negotiator, some strange devices attached to the phone lines to detect the calls, people who can find in seconds large amounts of money, food, means of escape and when the needed of protection is […]

I love New York, and not as a tourist or as a passing by, I have been there some time before 2001, as a normal citizen, working in journalism, and the city gave me very much because I arrived very depressed and left as a new person. I left the US in 2000 to fly […]

  There is something about Benedict the XVI that always disarms me. “Thank you very much” that’s the for words with he use to finish his speeches, some of them a prodigy of intellectual richness, originality, and a sharp vision of the nowadays situation of the humanity in the world as is it today and as […]