September 11, 2011

9/11 in my mind

Manhattan skyline just when the second tower of the WTC collapsedI love New York, and not as a tourist or as a passing by, I have been there some time before 2001, as a normal citizen, working in journalism, and the city gave me very much because I arrived very depressed and left as a new person. I left the US in 2000 to fly back home to help my dying father. So I didn’t live the horror of the terrorists attacks. I remember that when I was waiting in the JFK Airport I buy as a souvenir a pair of mugs with the skyline with the twin towers of the WTC in it. I keep this mugs as a reminder of what the world was before, and don’t forget any day what happened that 9/11 2001 day, when the greatest terrorist attack of the history changed the world

Ten years!, And the world really changed: wars, uprisings around the world, retaliations. Thousands of soldiers and civilians killed and wounded, cities destroyed, and the nonsense (in my view) preventive war in Iraq. But that came after this attack. And maybe all that make some people forget what happened that day: a brutal never more done terrorist attack with almost 3.000 victims in a few hours thousand of wounded and nobody knows how many of more victims, most of them first responders and survivors killed or disabled by illnesses because of being in contact with that poisoned “powder” who covered a big area of Manhattan and Ground Zero for a lot of time during the works of recovery, cleaning and reconstruction. And how about all this people who were traveling in the planes hijacked that morning to attack New york and Washington, not forgetting that one that crashed in  Pennsylvania. All of them innocent people doing their jobs, going on with their normal lives and finding themselves in the middle of an incredible and unexpected cruel attack targeted to civilians (except the one to the Pentagon, where one part, certainly not the ones in the plain, were military).

Today is the day to remember that attack, today s the day to remember the victims of World Trade Center in New York, of the Pentagon and of the for planes hijacked to do that. Tomorrow will be the day to analyze what happened to the world after that.

For my part would be condensed in eight words:

No more terrorist attacks

No more preventive wars

To simple? yes. that needs an explanation, but I can do that today, I’m too tired and too scared of all what’s going on.

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