There has been a kidnaping of a vulnerable wounded person. in a few moments the house is full of police, a negotiator, some strange devices attached to the phone lines to detect the calls, people who can find in seconds large amounts of money, food, means of escape and when the needed of protection is safe chase the culprits. The tension is  high, there are doubts of how to act, a lot of happy trigger operatives very well-trained, many of them more responsible trying to keeping at bay his people, other more inclined to the negotiation, or to pay, mistrust, efforts to gain little by little the trust to solve the problem without a tragedy. How it sounds uh? like a million action films or series, entertaining.

But this story has a unique point of view worth of an Oscar in Hollywood, and Bear in Berlin or an Emmy: All the team is in the house of the kidnappers to solve their problem again, last time negotiations, promises not kept. And the kidnaped wounded, in agony resisting to die or give in!. What a twist in the script! That’s god for the industry, it makes possible to do a saga, not only one film. All resemblance  to any person, city, government, international institution, or politician is pure reality

Let’s go serious. Mahmud Abbas presented in the UN his request for a Palestine State with any adjective State with all the rights, with the borders internationally recognized by the same UN. I’m sure that to be able to negotiate with Israel in terms of equality and not in terms of a state with mighty protectors versus some group of people with no legal status to sustain itself.

With the Security Council of the UN as it is nowadays and the right of veto of the five Countries who rule the world everybody can know the outcome. The “No” of the US who lives pending from the jews lobby and the strategic situation of Israel, maybe another of the members with the same problem. No matter the rest of the world massively agree with the statehood for the Palestinians. And, let me say that the last-minute offer of negotiations of Netanyahu the day of Mahmud Abbas Speech in the UN was pathetic. Netanyahu doesn’t negotiate. Acts unilaterally, and doesn’t fulfill the resolutions of the UN.

A lot of people would say that the Palestinians are dangerous, divided between who rules Gaza and who rules the West Bank, they are corrupt and that they are not capable to govern themselves.

Well, I may be wrong, but I think that the more is that statehood problem delayed the Palestinians will be more dangerous, because they will be more desperate.

Divided between two rulers, the ones in Gaza and the ones in the West Bank? Well, What amount of responsibility has in that the fact that there are two territories separated and thanks to the israeli politics, their politicians can’t communicated with each other and their institutions can’t function properly or at all? In the best of the cases they can celebrated Congress sessions by videoconference and that with the permission by Israel that doesn’t give the permission to travel to the Palestinian politicians

Are they corrupt? OK, I don’t support corruption, but throw the first rock. And against a group of politicians who can develop a proper institutions and govern a desperate people who can’t vote most of the time because of the lack of mobility and put in place systems of control thanks to the Israeli military check points in their own land to protect the illegal Jew settlements.

They are not capable to govern themselves? Give them a chance

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