It’s a pity to don’t understand the words in this video. Yesterday marked 20 years from the siege of Vukovar. 4.000 dead, many more hungry and thirsty, the hospital bombed, many held prisoners. There, a Croatian journalist, Siniša Glavašević, achieved to broadcast from a basement daily programs spreading news of why was happening there, day by day, or speaking to the people who like himself were under constant bombarding and suffering hunger, fear, death, desperation, just to make them know that he  was staying with them.
And in his most intimates broadcastings, at night he didn’t spoke of hate and rage, he talked pure poetry about his beloved city being destroyed, his people, about the value of life, of that time one has now but doesn’t know for how long. He didn’t survive This is the “tale of a city” He said in my free translation between other things: “somebody raped my parks, the benches where still craved your names, the shadows under I’m sure you gave and had your first kiss, somebody simply robed us all because: How can you explain that even the shadows doesn’t are there any more? “
And I’m daring to take advantage of the art of my killed and missed college: No more wars, no more violence, no more rapes, no more cries of despair, no more destruction of life and memories, no more disruption of the future, no more taking away the childhood of those who survive. This happened 20 years ago, and is a sample of what was that war. From then, how many times had happen again? there are no numbers to count them. Why can’t we just live in peace this precious time we have now and made possible to all others live peacefully and with the dignity they deserve?.

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