I can’t wait for this year to end. This was a bad year, for me, for the world, for a lot of people. A lot o suffering a lot of experiences also to learn, but I’m exhausted. I hope 2012 will come a little better. It was hard to arrived to this point. to see […]

The New York Times reported today that there have been already over 5000 dead since the protests began in Syria. Over 5,000 dead? This is a war, not an uprising or a revolt or a “spring” anymore. I think that until the regime don’t allow foreign Journalists in the Country, there will be no way […]

One by one, the candles on the tree where beginning to light and the tiny bubbles by the figures of the scene of Bethlehem began to shine in the otherwise dark room while we, children waited at the glass-paneled door in line, the youngest, first, the oldest last. Only my dad had access to the […]

It seems that Angela Merkel and Nicolas Sarkozy are determined to save the Euro, no matter what. And they are proposing a sort of re-foundation of the European Union that will force the members to include in their constitutions some economic measures, like don’t trespass the 3% of deficit yearly. The Ship is sinking and […]