Angela Merkel and Nicolas Sarkozy

It seems that Angela Merkel and Nicolas Sarkozy are determined to save the Euro, no matter what. And they are proposing a sort of re-foundation of the European Union that will force the members to include in their constitutions some economic measures, like don’t trespass the 3% of deficit yearly. The Ship is sinking and they have to save the goods. For that they use the lifeboats to fill them with euros instead of Europeans, I mean, people, so the money could arrive safe to coast and people would do so if they have the strength and can swim. If not, bad luck guys, it’s your problem.

So what’s more valuable here in Europe, the Euro or the Europeans? (And I mean all the people living, working or loosing their job in Europe, I don’t exclude anybody). It seems that for the people running the show, the winner is the Euro, that currency that has made some countries made big structural changes and sacrifices if they were not the richest, and then when the situation was desperate were left to their on.

The problem is that the European Union never has been a Union, The project signed in Rome in the middle of the Cold War, wasn’t  only to reach prosperity, but to avoid divisions like de ones that made possible the WWII. There was a political, ideological and cultural project underneath.

With the years the history has been that when there were problems, every Country does whatever suits itself more freely and without previous notice, as more powerful it is. There are long, long summits, with long, long discussions. And at the end, the rich countries rules, the ones in the middle ask for their place between the big or at least not between the poor ones, and the poor or new only look and nod. There are a huge Administration with a huge Congress with hundreds, and hundreds of seats, that doesn’t have power to decide almost anything and costs millions of euros yearly, maybe enough to rescue part of the sinking economies around, but nothing. No way to decide the amount of power that belongs to each Country by the number of citizens or by the honor of being the founders still less populated or by the power of their economy.

There was that failed project of an European Constitution that stopped short because the ones who invented it and pushed harder for it, the french, couldn’t pass it in a referenda due to the lack of interest of the people. The opinion of other countries didn’t seem to count, but it was clear that the break between the people and the rulers of the Union was yet like the Gran Canyon, and still growing.

From the fall of the European Constitution, every reform has to be approved by every member in their countries and in the Union Administration.

Now, To avoid the total collapse, the proposal of the German-French head of the Union is that all countries include in their own Constitutions some economical limits like that one that prohibits an annual deficit superior to the 3%. So, if a Country has a crisis and a  bigger deficit, that would be unconstitutional. And then what? force a change of government? or be kick out of the Union?

So, it will be illegal to have a bad year in Public accounts, not only illegal, but unconstitutional. My guess is that this kind of measures will lead to more corruption, because governments can make up accounts until the bubble explodes only to look good in Brussels, they have done so for a long time and not only looking to Brussels, but looking to themselves, to reelection. They can hide this kind of problems for a while because they are in power and say a lot of lies when they talk.

People can’t. People have to eat, have a job to survive, and if they have a deficit at the end they are meat for credits, banks or simply can’t eat or pay a housing and have to look for charity. All their lives are in a computer, and the State knows about every penny they have and about every tax they pay or fail to pay.

So I suggest to the European leaders, please, before looking so much to their “precious treasure” the Euro, look at the real treasure they have: the Europeans, right now depressed, confused, poorest than before, maybe scared for their future, some really angry at the edge of explosion, and then think how to save Europe. Not only with money but with values, hope, ideals, to get back the urge to build a new society with justice, the impulse to work hard to get up again, be proud of being Europeans, or Spaniards, or Italians, or Greeks, or Poles, or Hungarians, or whatever they want, and to make space to everyone. And then, after looking to this people with souls and needs and putting away from them the numbers, after knowing what they really need, then, fix the Euro if that is the solution. But I think the result would different. Not so cold, desperate and imposing.

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