Protests in Damascus

The New York Times reported today that there have been already over 5000 dead since the protests began in Syria. Over 5,000 dead? This is a war, not an uprising or a revolt or a “spring” anymore. I think that until the regime don’t allow foreign Journalists in the Country, there will be no way to know exactly who is in charge right know and how exactly are the size and power of the sides fighting. I agree this Arab League mission is an excuse to say to the International Community “we are doing something”. But it’s actually nothing because as other comments says, they come from Countries not precisely known for their regimes being supportive of freedoms. They are there because they can enter the Country and exit it alive.
The worst in Syria is the injustice done by the International Community, because the UN decides in what countries authorize interventions and in what ones not by politics and not by standards of freedom or the Chart of Human Rights. (The old problem of the Security Council and the right to veto). Syria has a strategic Russian Naval base in Tartus, the only exit of the Kremlin Army to the Mediterranean, and Moscow will veto every action against the regime that make that possible. Libya didn’t have nothing of the kind.
Maybe if Russia changes after its own revolts will also have repercussions in Syria, but that’s a long shot. By now, the only thing clear is that this plans of perpetuation in power by scams like Putin’s in Russia or the “marxists dynasties” of presidents like Libya, Egypt, or this one in Syria, are not working. Let’s see why will happen in North Korea.

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