Finally the Croatians said yes to de European Union. It was as I predicted yesterday a low participation and a positive outcome for the government. It was a vote for the future, no doubt, because the present of the Union is not very attractive in the middle  of the economic crisis and the dis-union between […]

Sunday 22, Croatians have a referenda to corroborate or not the governmental decision to enter the EU. If this had been 20 years ago, when Croatia was proclaimed independent the result would be without doubt: yes, yes, as soon as better, because there was, (and there is) a very strong perception and a long history that situate […]

Today was my dad’s birthday. Luka Brajnović. He would be 93, but he died eleven years ago and the wound in my soul is still open. He had a hard life. An independent Journalist in Croatia during the WWII, He was prisoner of all the sides of the war, first was detained by the Italian […]