Finally the Croatians said yes to de European Union. It was as I predicted yesterday a low participation and a positive outcome for the government. It was a vote for the future, no doubt, because the present of the Union is not very attractive in the middle  of the economic crisis and the dis-union between the big players: the UK on one side and the so-called Franc-German axis on the other.

The vote reaffirmed that sense that Croatia belongs to Europe and not to the Balkans, and the result is clear: more than 65% (at this hour) in favor from some 45% of participation which is low for the standards of the Country, but the message has been delivered.  The premier, Zoran Milanović, said that the people is tired of going to the pools after the recent general elections as an explanation to the low participation, and the minister of European Affairs said that is the standard rate in the first round of the presidential elections.

Anyway the majority said yes and is not a decision based in economical opportunities or help for now. Is a little Country with faith in the European Union as an entity that can survive this crisis and reach better times for the good of all its members in which has to be, because belongs to it.

I’ll think many Countries in the Union are surprised that in this troubled moments someone want to join the club, above all a little Country with about 5 million people who would not have almost any power of decision in the EU Institutions ( approx an 1%). It’s really an odd fact. Maybe some will see this as a sign of desperation by Croatia, others can see it as a sign of optimism, because the Union is still desired.

Now is time to work and wait to see if the Croatian decision is good, and the Union really has strength to overcome the crisis and came back to its good times, because only the future can give us an answer.

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