Ice in Senj (Croatia)

This is an unusual entry in this blog. No politics, no big problems, no ethical questions, only a look to something beautiful, powerful and unique: Mediterranean sea ice in the city of Senj (Croatia), the home town of my mother. This picture shows how it looks the harbour  this weekend. It’s the result of a strange combination between  a furious wind, a very particular landscape and the cold of winter. The town, a very ancient one, has a high mountain in his back that falls down to the coast as is common in Croatia, and has also a big Island in front named Krk with another pretty high stone cliffs coming down this side, facing the coast (in the other side, facing the open sea is surprisingly green and full of green, flowers and woods: beautiful).  So often there is a very strong wind named “bura” that runs over 100 miles per hour and sweep the inner sea between the Island and the harbour of the city in the coast. In winter, the wind freezes the water so, when a wave jumps from the sea, becomes pure ice and begin to form columns and strange white frozen forms embracing the lighthouse and everything it reaches on the wharf.

When the wind calms down you can see images like the one I posted more, like Alaska or Canada, but in the Mediterranean. And with a bright light and deep blue sky, clean, fresh, that makes all like new, because there was not snow, not rain, only the wind and the sea. And this marks also the people who live there. A strong people who know how to face difficulties without much complain. My mother is like that.

Most of the time this is a very sunny and peaceful town with a clean transparent water, very mediterranean.

While seen this images, I think about how beautiful is this world we dwell in. How much beauty has the Nature that God has given to us, and how can even now, like ever before, (and it will ever after) is like caress to every man and woman with the willing to appreciate that. I’m a Journalist, used to write about the horrors of this world. I think that for us is essential to stop running, take a deep breath, a little peace,  and look around to search for that free beauty that is around us waiting to be discovered, and feel that caress of God even in the darkest hours.


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