Edith Bouvier, French Journalist injured in Holm, needs an urgent operation

So many foreign and local journalists dead or trapped or silenced in Syria is not a question to let it past without a deep look at it. Because meanwhile we, outside the borders, are blind. Long ago the powerful discovered that an ignorant people is the best thing to have to manipulate, crushed, and tyrannize without too much inconveniences. And now in the era of communications this continues, only we, average people are more aware of  that. We have access to the social wires and the internet if the main media fails, but only can watch with impotence how the story repeats itself. How many Journalists felt in Croatia and Bosnia, where only the fact to carry a camera was a synonymous of “military target” for the Serbian extremists?. And then in several African Countries for decades in tribal wars or left overs of bad post colonial agreements? and in the Middle East? Or what about Colombia? All of them trying to tell first hand the story of what is happening there and keep up the public opinion aware?.

And what is the public opinion doing? Some demonstration in solidarity that the governments will attribute to the usual activist-extremist-suspects, Left or Right it depends of the conflict, and then not too much more. Meanwhile, the situation in the region or country in war will deteriorate  so much and become so complicated and there will be so many disinformation flowing side by side with the reliable information that finally, many will decline to understand or form an opinion and let go or lost interest. It happened in the Balkans, is happening in Africa, is happening in the Arab World, and now we are witnessing how it’s developing the same strategy with Egypt and Syria, just because there is no good and understandable information to the people who lives far away and thinks that all that don’t matters to their lives, but they are very wrong. It  matters, maybe not now, but wait a little, and all will see.

I mentioned the Balkans War, which I lived first hand, because this days, when i read about the international resolutions condemning as crimes of war the actions of “both sides” of the “conflict” in Syria, It reminded me to all that. Yes, there were crimes all over, after years of battles, but by then everybody had lost the perspective of the beginning. The first attack by Milosević planning his failed “Great Serbia” and using the Yugoslavian Army against Croatia and Bosnia, that technically owned part of that army as Federate Republics of the same Yugoslavia, and forcing the people to organize in self-defense. Then, after some time, when the violence spread, of course there were crimes all over, the war itself is a crime.

So now, the regime of Al Assad has used his Army from a position of power against his people and has found resistance. After months and months of fighting not explaining exactly what that resistance comes from, again the International Community puts in the same level the “two sides”, regardless on all the innocent people, civilians, who died trying to live their day a day lives or hopping for more freedom, and not explaining also if there are more than “two sides”, as it seems.

And Why is that? Why the “two sides” equally judged and condemned after all this time of doing nothing?  Because of the same reason it happened before: because the countries that rules the World are incapable to reach an agreement that save their own interests. Not the interests of the Syrians or the Arab Spring or the freedoms or the world peace. But the political, strategical and economic interests of the five big veto carrying countries in the Security Council of the UN.

I wrote months ago about the Russian naval base of Tartus in the mediterranean coast of Syria. Why Russia and China are always voting against an intervention there?. Maybe that’s the reason. Now Mr. Putin is going to the polls to become president again. If he looses, maybe this will change to better or to worst, depends who wins. If he wins, the support to the Al Assad regime or any other who would behave like him will granted and so will  the violence.

So, what are the interests of the five grand in the Security Council? Who can give us a reliable information of that? Are between them someone who is ready to a confrontation to unblock the situation? Not likely

It’s time to change this veto system to rule the world, established after the WWII six decades ago, and find an efficient way to   do it in this Century, if the powerful doesn’t want to be forced to change by a WWIII. God save us from that, and grant us peace by talking, not fighting.

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  1. Uncle Sam is causing these bloodshed in the first place… He started it by supporting racist Israel and oppressing Palestinian people. There will be no final solution unless justice is served on all sides.

  2. Of course, “Uncle Sam” or the US has also veto in that UN Security Council and has used it for its interests a lot of times as all others. And I Agree justice has to be served to all, but that is impossible when some countries think and act like they are superiors to the rest of the world only because they won a war sixty years ago. I think that nowadays, the veto of the US is like give it to the IPAC and sustain Israel an its unjust politics and facts (that are also against resolutions of the UN) against the palestinian and the surrounding Countries. I had some hopes in Obama years ago, but after the the State Department went to the hands of Clinton, there is no way of change in that clue point. The same way the veto of Russia made possible the situation of post-war and lack of liberties and repressions in half of Europe during more than 40 years in half of Europe against the will of their own people. Why don’t go to the heart of the problem? The institution that prolongs the problems and paralyzes the solutions?

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