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Obama and Netanyahu in a previous meeting

I read an op-ed piece by Amos Yadlin in the New York Times titled “Israel Last Chance to Strike Iran” that encouraged me in a strong opinion of mine about Israel the US and the dangers of the Middle East. Mr. Yadlin was one of the Israeli fighter pilots who bombed the Iraqi nuclear reactor at Osirak in 1981 without the “go” order from Washington. In its piece, Mr. Yadlin describes how successful was that operation and how stopped the nuclear programs in Iraq and Syria, and proposes that if the US doesn’t support an attack against Iran and it’s building of a nuclear power in time, the Israelis can do it by their own before the operation goes out of its “window of opportunity”, which is smaller than the US because of the capacities of their respective armed forces, and suggests that if president Obama doesn’t give to prime minister Netanyahu sufficient guarantees in a meeting they are going to have next monday march 5th, Israel will probably act by itself.

When president W. Bush decided to start the war on Iraq, Israel already said that the greatest threat to the security in the “region” (their own security) in terms of arms of mass destruction was Iran and not Iraq. And the war against Saddam was a lost of time and a distraction. Now, after all this years, Israel argue that the ayatollah’s regime had time to build his nuclear program undisturbed and is showing aggressive against them in the middle of al the turmoil in the Region, with actions that can affect to many western countries.

President Obama already said that he is willing to stop a nuclear powered Iran, but didn’t say how (only has talk about sanctions) and when. Iran has not the bomb yet, it seems, but the Israeli are nervous and the situation is for them in the field of the theory of preventive War or preventive assassinations, and that can prompted an immediate action by their own. Maybe the conversations in Washington next monday will deal with this.  And what about the consequences of an attack on Iran in the middle of the turmoil instability and bloodshed that is rampaging in so many Countries in the Middle East?. Unpredictable and very dangerous. Another important subject to speak about.

I think war is pure evil and only understandable as self-defense, so this “preventive” killings in the “Region” that have cost thousands of lives of men, women and children for so long are already too much for me.

But reading the piece of Mr. Yadling, I found myself thinking how would be the world if Israel really acted by itself, stop hiding under the skirt of the big US, or the guilt of some european countries and do what they want without dragging others with them to defend their interests and face after that the consequences before the international community, without godfathers.  Why still baby seating Israel as a pet in a forest as if we were in 1948? The pet is already a big lyon experienced in battles that can defend itself in that forest. We don’t need more wars and maybe in the “Region” there are others who need help as we have seen this months on the streets of Syria, Libya, Egypt, Lebanon to don’t speak of the occupied territories, people with needs because of the violence and lack of attention

No more wars! Mr. Netanyahu, Mr. Obama, Mr. Ahmadinejad, Council of Ayatollahs, It’s not enough? Why destroy everything? Why don’t build anything? or at least start talking peace.

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