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I’m not an economist and I’m one of so many citizens who watch in wonder how stocks go up and down after the more surprising news delivered in precise times to make some people or corporations do great business or lose a lot of money to the edge of break down. I also can’t analyze properly how the qualification agencies work to qualify the economic status of Countries and change it from one day to the following causing again to pass from some comfort to a status of crisis and panic, with a lot of politic and social consequences. I’m only experience that in this pessimistic Europe. Who is playing with us?. Who is playing with all of us in this globalized economy?

I want names, with scrutiny like in an election. I want a clear explanation understandable for a plain citizen of how this works, because I can see that the work of this invisible people is more powerful than the ones we choose in the polls, that they can crash a government or help to establish another one without the people’s knowledge. I’m not a Sarkozy‘s fan, I’m not a EU fan, but all the rumors about the lowering of the score of the ranking of the france’s economy by this qualifying agencies are clearly something to do with the results of the first round of the presidential elections in Paris, and will have something to do with the future orientation of the french-german front in the EU.

It’s true that the same Sarkozy has a lot to do with his going down in the polls, but that economical news helped a lot to the decline, I think.

And if there is a political change in France and a political change in the real executive head of the EU, the next maybe will be news about the qualifications of Germany, a strong economy, they sad now, which will be a real drama because is Germany who has supported or lead economically the EU all this time. By then, maybe the French-Germany lead of the EU would be history, if Hollande, the french socialist candidate wins the second wind of the elections, because he announced he won’t play with the germans.

I live now in Spain, and we are deep in this economic crisis, but there are many things about it that doesn’t match well with common sense. From Brussels they are saying the government that they are doing its homework well, but the qualifications doesn’t improve, the external perception is not that and the internal perception is that we are going to the deeper economic crisis of the democracy. The funniest thing is that the former government (the socialist leaded by Mr. Zapatero) also was “doing its homework” according with Europe, they said, spending a lot of public money in no so essential things and the qualification was pretty good but the result was a big deficit, far away of the limit imposed by the EU institutions and 5 million unemployed In that situation, the ex-president Mr.Zapatero said constantly that things were in the right way and everybody backed him.

From on day to the other (with the elections in the middle) The new government says there is no public money and is cutting spending to cut the deficit. And the qualifications are going down. Suddenly the situation is doing world news and there are talking about a possible intervention in the economy like the ones in Greece, Portugal or Ireland, which would be a disaster for the EU because of the size of the spanish economy. The president Mr. Rajoy is constantly saying that there will not such an intervention, and is also backed by the Union, but all that is leaving the feeling that there are talking about it. And this at the doors of the touristic season, and when the country need more foreign inversions. So all the “homework” of the government is turn in a big splash of black taint every time a mysterious qualification appears saying Spain is going down. So, were is the money? why the “homework” of Zapatero who spent all and increased the deficit was OK and the cuttings to contain the deficit of Rajoy is also a good “homework”?

This is why I want to know who are they, the qualifiers, how they operate, I want names and backgrounds and I want to know if they have interests in business or stocks in this or that country. I want to know if I can’t believe in them. Because right know I think they are manipulators. Why is now the focus in Spain and not in other pretty big economies of the EU in trouble?

I said before I’m not fan of Sarkozy and I’m not fan of the nowadays EU. The EU crashed long ago, when precisely France failed to approve the European Constitution, made basically by french thinkers  presided by the ex-president Giscard D’Estaign.

Than constitution, was polemic and maybe would made crash the Union if approved, also. It’s failure demonstrated that there was not Union at the Union. If the french says no, al stops, no matter what where the results in all the other countries.

That’s it: The problem of the Union is that there is no union, specially from the incorporation of the countries that had been in the area of power of the former Soviet Union. This countries were looking then for political protection in the West first, and then, after that, economical improvement. But the western EU countries saw in them almost only new and potentially expanded markets. They were talking different languages, when they were negotiating.There is no political union and there is not economic union There are some leading countries (said France, Germany and for some political questions of its interest the United Kingdom that doesn’t use the euro as currency) some middle countries (Italy, Spain and Poland) and then all the other non matter countries in terms of economy, population or power. To set up the same economic policy to all of them by constitution (the last move of the Union)  is possible in theory, not in the practical world. If this countries doesn’t have political advantages nor economical advantages, there will be no reason to stay in the Union.

I Live in Spain, now the epicenter of the EU crisis. Well, as a citizen, I can say that since the change to from the old Spanish “peseta” to the euro, live is more and more expensive, some had grow richer and some power, there are more social differences, the public sector has grown very much, people have lived spending much more than they have accumulating debts with the hard work of speculators in the middle, and now with this qualification thing, the banks are not lending and al the people have been left to the reality: there is no money. No public money, no private money except for some corrupts, speculators, bankers, and a few private fortunes.

Call me euro-sceptic if you want. I wasn’t until recently But I think that the spirit of the Rome’s Treaty that began the process of the European Union is lost. It would be good to look at it, and re-think the goals of the Union and re-write a Treaty  or Constitution for the real Europe and not for the before 1990 Europe with some patches to admit the new countries. And then with something coherent politically and economically  let Europe qualify as a unity and stop the agencies launching bombs without knowing how and from where.

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