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Another European economic Summit, another waiting in this European agony without definitive solutions with some hope to calm the waters in this storm. At the beginning of the day the European Bank said that there was no way to see Greece out of the Euro. At the end of the day there were calculations of the consequences of such a think in the other countries and studies of the technicalities to make that a fact if there will be no other solution. The political parties in Athens still unable to form a government and if the conversations fail today, there will be elections the 16 of june only a month after the last elections, with instructions or impositions from Angela Merkel and the rulers of the EU: If the people don’t elect the parties who are pro-euro and austerity, they will be out of the euro-zone.

So now, the European Union can say their members how they have to vote?. And that for economic reasons?  Well, I don’t know if people in the countries members think that’s the spirit of the European Union. Clearly many don’t, looking to the protests in some cities.

Every time the prime ministers or presidents go to this summits, there is no predictable hour for an end of the meetings  or a result. The rulers of the countries can come back with new “homework” for the troubled ones, every time more difficult, and dictated from outside. And when they arrived home, explain that to their people is very hard. Because they don’t rule any more the economy, electoral promises are mission impossible it would be better don’t promise and refer that to the EU.

The big or rich countries in the EU always say to the troubled ones that they are doing very well their “homework” (the case of Spain) but in the next summit there are new and harder questions added to the “homework”. So the filling of the people is defenseless. Everybody wants to escape from the crisis but no way, every time there is a new pick to climb a new surprise from Brussels.

Greece has to go to the pools constantly until the Greeks elect parties according the desires of Brussels and in the mine time they are in a dangerous turmoil in an unstable region of Europe and in the verge of bankruptcy. In the other countries the Governments are falling in the statistics or elections.

Somebody has to stop this agony and stop prolonging the suffering with patches. Take decisions big, decisive, hard or whatever, but take a way, decide and decide thinking in all the countries in what is today the EU and not in what was thirty years ago.

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