Ratko Mladić, satisfied with the outcome of the session.

The trial against Ratko Mladić for Crimes of War against non-Serbs during the last Balkans War and precisely the massacre of Srebrenica with the killing of 8.000 males teenagers and men in a few days, has ben suspended. And that not because Mladic has done something weird or his defense put absurd difficulties, or the defendant began to claim nonsense sicknesses, no. The Fiscal office of the International tribunal of the Hague failed grossly by not giving to the attorneys of the defense all the documentation and other irregularities. So the las appearance of Mladić in the Court who was to be the occasion to begun the accusations and procedures, was a big, enormous disappointment for the families of the victims and another occasion for the “Butcher of Srebrenica”, how was known, to have an international stand to insult, provoke and joke on the face of the families of the people he sent to dearth because they were muslim and non Serbs in Srebrenica in 1995 and before that many other Croats and Bosnian muslims because the same reason.

20 years after the war, 17 after the massacre in Srebrenica people are looking for justice and they don’t understand why the international institutions are so slow, and so considerate with the man who killed his families. Many have die waiting to see an International sentence saying that was a Crime of War, on of the biggest and their people were the victims. They didn’t have the opportunity to judge this criminals by themselves.

Now the trial is paralyzed and because of the errors of the Tribunal, the same errors that delayed the capture of a man who everybody knew where was, like was the case of Milošević, until he was so sick that die before his trial was over and there will be never a sentence in his case.

Is that the international “Justice” we want? Maybe Mladić will go to trial when all the witnesses will be dead or don’t will go at all if he die in the meantime. An then, poor people traveling to the Hague to attend this disappointing after disappointing,  wasting money and time, to only come back home with more anger and bitterness and a sense of international injustice.

So, Ratko, go to your cell to wait and don’t appear publicly until all is in perfect order, because you have killed or order to kill thousands of innocent people, but nobody have the right to give you a chance to laugh at their relatives like happened this days.

And Hague, please, if you want to work, do your homework before go to the Court and embarrass yourself plus make suffer people who had suffered too much already.

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