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A kidnapping of Lebanese men in Syria that prompted unrest in Lebanon proved again that poor Lebanon is paying the conflicts of its neighbors again and again. From the establishment of Israel and the waves of Palestinian refugees in the forties and sixties The massacres in the camps of Sabra and Shatilla in the eighties and the recent failed invasion from Israel because of the  unrest in a Palestinian refugee camp near Tripoli, and now with the wave of refugees from the violence in Syria. The news is the kidnapping of 11 men in the Northern Syrian city of Aleppo, apparently from a bus coming back from Iraq, and all of them Shiite muslims. This provoked angry protests in Lebanon, in Beirut and in the Bekaa Valley. Apparently the shiite organization Hezbollah with big presence in Syria is mediating to liberate the kidnapped. But when I was writing this there were no result.

The question is that this unrest in the Middle East is not an isolated problem for Syria, as always is a regional problem in which the more vulnerable the more have to pay. Without a real peace plan in the whole region there is no durable hope, in my opinion for all this. And its a shame that ones have to pay for the errors or the wrong decisions of others that have more power or more weapons at their disposition.

All this was happening in the eve of the first day of the elections in Egypt, that were going on in reasonable calm.  Let’s see if something changes providing a solution pro democracy in that big Country, but I doubt it right now, seeing how is behaving the Israeli’s  government, who is in the middle and the for me unexplainable resilience in the sustain of violence of Al Assad in Syria.

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