Some of the killed in Houla, in white, wrapped the children/REUTERS

Mr. Kofi Annan, the Un’s envoy to Syria just arrived to see what’s happening there after the deployment of the international observers, mostly a lot of violence and a gross massacre in Houla of more than 90 civilians, many of them women and children. As usual, the government forces deny it’s involvement and the rebel or opposition groups also, but all points to the formers.

Is not the first time this happen. Recently, because of the 20 anniversary and the failed judgment of general Ratko Mladić, the world could remember how the UN observers, observed the massacre of Srebrenica, with between 8.000 and 10.000 men and teenagers muslim bosnian killed, but did nothing or almost nothing.

The question in a bloodshed like this one is not observe, but act, decide something useful. And in the case of Syria, who has to decide is Putin that is backing with his veto in the UN’s General Council the regime of Al Assad along with China, but this last one with less force.

So, yes, observe what’s happening, Mr. Annan and tell the story with all its details to Vladimir in Moscow to see if he decides the only thing that can change  something: a different vote in the Security Council.

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