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Don't complain European strikers: you are alive, your Syrians comrades are dead
By Olga Brajnović Posted in Dialog and diplomacy, Middle East, World and Politics on May 30, 2012 0 Comments
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The U.N. observer mission chief in Syria, Major General Robert Mood informs about the last massacre discovered in Eastern Syria.

Another massacre discovered in Syria is convincing me that the  mission of the UN’s observers and the efforts of Mr. Kofi Annan to stop the violence are useless, but at least are a way to have some sad, horrendous first hand news about what’s happening there. This time has been the killing of 13 workers shot dead execution style, with their hands tied behind their backs, apparently because they refused to stop a strike in protest for their situation and the situation of the Country.

And this, while Mr. Annan is talking with president Bashar Al Assad about implement a cease fire.

We saw this many times lately. In the middle of chaos created by themselves, tyrants tend to take the time left during conversations to end pending business before some real measures are  taken that really stops the fight, if this comes at least. And the rebels and groups of opposition tend to respond in self-defense if nobody comes to help or in attack if there is an open civil war going on, witch we don’t really know exactly. This is what’s happening in Syria, I think.

So, again, people who have the power, stop observing, do something.

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