A friend of mine living in Kinshasa, Congo, posted in Facebook that she was invited to dinner in a restaurant but she couldn’t  go because the place was in flames. The first truck of firefighters that arrived had water, but the pump didn’t work. The second had a good pump, but no water, and nothing was […]

Down, down with the military rule! That was one of the main mottos on Tahrir Square just after the announcement of the official results of the run off the presidential elections in Egypt with the victory of Mohammed Morsi, the candidate of the Muslim Brotherhood. The Sqhare was a feast of joy and celebration from […]

Mohammed Mori won the elections in Egypt. Its official. The results had been announced by the authorities. Tahrir Square its crazy celebrating. He is the first civilian democratically elected president of Egypt.

Egypt‘s ruling military put things on the edge not releasing the official results of the elections as promised and giving statements that supposed threatens against the stability and “the higher interests” of the Country, and everybody is back again at Tahrir Square in Cairo to protest and to for the moment observe the protesters. For […]

It seems that after all the troubles doesn’t matter who will win the presidential elections in Egypt, probably Mr. Mohamed Morsi, from the Muslim Brotherhood, because according Al Jazzera, Sameh Ashour, the head of council advising the Armed Forces, told today without knowing the results that “The upcoming president will occupy the office for a short […]

The UN has suspended today his peace observing mission in Syria due to the escalation of the violence. I think the mission was a failure from the beginning because Al Assad was using it as a way to buy time to complete his plans. Observers unarmed, dependent of what the armed forces there are no […]

21:42 15th June, 2012 At home It’s another of those nights. We haven’t had electricity for almost a month now. It comes, stays on for an hour or two then goes again. We’re not too worried because we have a generator and sometimes we leave the generator on all night. It’s expensive though because it’s powered by fuel […]