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So now we have “Vatileaks”, secrets from the chambers of the Pope Benedict XVI out in the air thanks to an investigative reporter named Gianluigi Nuzzi, who has published a book about it with documents apparently facilitated by the butler of the Pope who has been arrested and other secret sources all of them put the in the bag of one name: “Maria”. Maybe the Pope has changed his bank account because this was one of the secrets revealed, which in my opinion is an attempt to his privacy. As a reporter, maybe if it would be some kind of economical scandal I would inform of the amounts or how it work but not the number of the account only to say to everybody “I know everything, even this number”, that probably the same Pope doesn’t know by memory and has other people who manage this things for him. They say that all the “secrets” and “mysteries” based in private letters to or from the Pope, basically undermines the position of Cardinal Tarsicio Bertone, the Vatican secretary of state, and describes the Pope as a frail leader for the government of the Church as an organization. Cardinal Bertone said recently that the pope isn’t intimidated by the “fierce” and “organized” attacks they represent. I believe him, because this Pope doesn’t appear to be intimidated so far for nothing. Maybe surprised by the critics and the ill intended leaks, but not intimidated. I wrote about this in an older post titled “The Humble Pope” when he went to visit a prison and when an inmate ill with HIV asked him about the moral pain of being criticized with no cause only because a disease  the Pope put himself at the same level and told him that he also doesn’t understand the things they were publishing about him and the “Vatican family”.(The leaks were beginning). They can write what they want about intrigues, mysteries and leaks in the Vatican, but not about the Pope’s ability to lead the Church, which is his mission. There are too many facts to  prove that he leads the Church. The st. Peter’s Square full of people all Wednesdays and Sundays to attend the general Audience and the Angelus is one. All will remember his predecessor, John Paul II as the Pope of the people, and he was it, but the truth is that with Benedikt XVI, seven years after his election the general audiences have to be moved from the Aula Nervi to the St. Peter’s Square because there are so many people attending that they don’t fit any more under the roof of the buildings of the Vatican. The people attending is more than the ones in times of John Paul II. People listen to this Pope, and people is the Church. The Pope has worked after his predecessor John Paul II a lot in this seven years quietly but effectively in ecumenical actions  unthinkable years ago. Benedict XVI has taught a lot to the people, to the priest, to the bishops and cardinals in this time. He has published a lot of very remarkable works and is promoting help to the helpless. Those are a few things I can tell that make me think that the Pope is leading the Church with great skills and powerfully. If his bank account has this or that number, and now is public can be  useful to give him donations. If there are different opinions between priests, bishops and cardinals, but finally they obey the Pope, there’s no problem. If there is people who want to make money with that mysterious and multi-personal  “Maria” has to say about the Vatican, well, is their ethical problem.

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